Bradford Quick Stop Route 103 Bradford
EvansExpress Mart 1167 Church St Canaan
Papa Z's Convenience 70 Route 118 Canaan
Our Place General 348 Ox Brook Rd Charlestown
Pellerin's Market 731 Old Claremont Rd Charlestown
Riversdie Grocery RR 9 Chesterfield
Hannaford Supermarket 220 Washington St Claremont
Leo's One Stop 130 Main St Claremont
Sophie & Zeke's Restaurant 50 Pleasant St Claremont
T-Bird Mini Mart 170 Charlestown Rd Clarmeont
Cornish General Store Rte. 120 Cornish
Dick's General Store 717 US Rte. 4 Danbury
Dublin General Store Rte. 101 Dublin
Exit 16 Mobil 786 Methodist Hill Rd Enfield
Petro Mart 497 US Rte. 4 Enfield
Stateline Grocery 1117 Rte. 12 South Fitzwilliam
Rum Brook Market 249 Rte. 10 Grantham
Foodstop 73 South Main St Hanover
Go Go Mart 225 Lebanon St Hanover
Hanover Consumer Co-op 45 S. Park St Hanover
Stinson's Village Store 2 Allen St Hanover
Canoe Club of Hanover 27 S. Main St Hanover
Jesse's Restaurant Rte. 120 Hanover
India Queen 44 S. Main St Hanover
T-Bird Mini Mart 849 Brattleboro Rd Hinsdale
Shaws Supermarket 360 Winchester St Keene
Hannaford Supermarket 481 West St Keene
EF Lane Hotel 30 Main St Keene
Beaver Street Market 98 Beaver St Keene
Paul's Choice 815 Court St Keene
Nicola's Trattoria 39 Central Square Keene
P & C Foods 370 Miracle Mile Lebanon
Speedy Mart 364 Miracle Mile Lebanon
Lebanon Consumer Co-op 12 Centerra Parkway Lebanon
Lebanon Village Market 2 Mascoma St Lebanon
Three Tomotoes Trattoria 1 Court St Lebanon
Lyme Country Store Rte. 10 Lyme
Marlborough Country Store 227 Main St Marlborough
Shaws Supermarket Rte. 101, Lorden Plaza Milford
5 Star Beverage 25 River St N. Walpole
Hannaford Supermarket 67 Newport Rd New London
Newbury Quick Stop 958 Rte. 103 Newbury
Marzelli Deli 889 Rte. 103 Newbury
Rosewood Barn General Store 1386 Rte. 103 Newbury
Coronis Market 81 Sunapee St Newport
Shaws Supermarket 48 John Stark Hwy Newport
Shop Express 2 27 Sunapee St Newport
The Old Courthouse 30 Main St Newport
Patterson's Deli Rte. 10 Orford
Peyston Place Restaurant 454 Rte. 10 Orford
Four Corners General 144 Rte. 10 Piermont
Village Store Plainfield 1190 Rte. 12A Plainfield
JM North of the Border 4 Route 202 Rindge
Hannaford Supermarket 233 Rte. 202 Rindge
Market Basket 360 Rte. 202 Rindge
South Acworth Village Store Rte. 123A S. Acworth
Shaws Supermarket Rte. 12 North Walpole
Walpole Grocery 47 Main St Walpole
Warren Village Market Rte. 25 Warren
The Twig 17 Lake Tarleton Rd Warren
Shawnee General Store 732 Mount Mosilau Hwy Wentworth
Benning St Bar & Grill 66 Benning St West Lebanon
Beverage King 111 Interchange Dr West Lebanon
Foodstop 89 Main St West Lebanon
Shaws Supermarket 10 Benning St West Lebanon
Shaws Supermarket Rte. 12A West Lebanon
Go Go Mart 97 N. Main St West Lebanon
Lui Lui 8 Glen Rd West Lebanon
Ceilildh House 719 Rte. 12 Westmoreland
Kulick's Market 30 Warwick Rd Winchester