Small Batch Beers

Organic SIPA

A pint of The One IPA

  • Did you say Organic SIPA? Come try this small-batch organic IPA in Portland! Made with Maine grown organic pale malts from Blue Ox Malt House in Lisbon, Maine & organic Cascade and Centennial hops from Aroostook County, this IPA comes in at 5% ABV.  The Organic SIPA is hoppy up-front with a nice malty balance on the end.

Abram Ale

Abram Ale in a Pint glass

  • You can’t put winter in a keg, but we may have come close! Our Abram Ale is a classic winter session ale. Abram Ale is brewed with imported English 2 Row Barley, Cara-malt, Munich, Chocolate and a touch of roasted Barley. Then we hop it with two types of Goldings hops: East Kent & Styrian along with imported Fuggles whole hops from the UK. Gritty’s Abram Ale has an amber color with a light, well balanced flavor. In our pubs we often use nitrogen to charge the Abram Ale. The result is a beer that’s richer & creamier than most winter brews.  5.5% ABV on tap in late December at Gritty’s Freeport and then going on tap in Auburn and Portland.

Rye Oh My! Rye IPA

  • Rye IPA in a pint glassRye Oh My! Going on tap in December at Gritty’s in Auburn during mid-December will be a Rye India Pale Ale. This style of beer has a strong hoppy character comparable to the India Pale Ale. The Rye India Pale Ale is a beer style that uses malted rye grains in the mash ingredients. The addition of rye adds a tangy or spicy character to the beer. We don’t know the ABV yet, but look for this beer to go on tap.

Old Port Porter

  • Old Port Porter on tap Gritty’s in Portland is the perfect beer for the holidays.  This beer is one for the “old school” Gritty regulars. A classic English style porter with generous amounts of aroma hops
  • Old Port Porter in a pint glassblended with lots of chocolate malt in the grain bill & top fermented with our house yeast strain. This beer features a lovely, seductive malt back bone that tastes like chocolate, chicory then finishes with a reserved hop spice that transports the drinker to the wet & smoky streets of old London town.  Grains: “Propino” 2-row Pale malt, plenty of chocolate malt, Caramalt, malted wheat flour, torrified wheat pellets & black malt. Hops: Cluster & Goldings pellets used with whole Willamette cones.