Small Batch Beers

Old Port Porter

  • The special barrel-aged version of the Old Port Porter will be on tap during National Craft Beer Week from Monday, May 14 through Sunday, May 20 at Gritty’s Portland. Aged in rum barrels from Liquid Riot, the Old Port Porter will take on a distinct rum flavor. A bit nutty and slightly on the sweeter side, the Old Port Porter has a light body for a porter.  Comes in 5.5% ABV.




Downeast SIPAH

  • Small Batch Ale “Downeast SIPAH” is on tap at Gritty’s in Portland during late April into May.
    The SIPA is a small-batch, hoppy session IPA with generous hoppy notes up-front with a nice malty balance on the end. Comes in at 5.3% ABV.





Vicki's Secret IPA

  • I’m too sexy for my beer… The small batch “Vicki’s Secret IPA” is going on tap in Portland during May. Brewed using “Victoria Secret” hops (yep, that’s the real name!) from Australia along with a few pounds of Huell Melon and Citra hops.  And to give this IPA that big hops forward flavor, Larry also dry-hopped it. This piney IPA has notes of citrus and subtle tropical notes.  Of course it’s 6.9% ABV.




Blackberry Experiment

The Blackberry Experiment is on tap now at Gritty’s in Auburn. This brassy golden beauty comes in at 5%ABV. It was brewed with Mosaic and Cascade hops, and then finished with 40 LBS of Maine blackberries.This creates a subtle blackberry undertone to the ale.  Next up is a session IPA that will go on tap at the end of May at Gritty’s in Auburn.

India Pale Lager

  • The IPL, India Pale Lager, is going back on tap in late April or early May at Gritty’s in Freeport.  This beer will have a crisp taste upfront as a result of a six week laagering & will finish with sharp citrus notes from the American hops. Greg is going with generous quantities of Cascade and Willamette hops in the kettle then dry hopping the brew with Huell Melon hops.




Berry Delight

Berry DeLIGHT on tap at Gritty’s Freeport. Crisp with subtle raspberry and blueberry notes. 3.6% ABV. A very drinkable beer that is perfect for the spring and summer months.






Harraseeket Light Ale

Harraseeket Light Ale on tap at Gritty’s Freeport.  This is a beer is a dry golden pale ale that comes in at 3.6% ABV. It’s a highly quaffable and a great session beer.