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Maine's Best IPA is a unique blend of American hops with a British body utilizing English 2-Row Pale malts. This IPA starts with a hoppy aroma and taste; ending with a sweet finish. Plenty of Munich and caramalts are used to give the beer that golden hue. (more>>)

Original Pub Style harkens back to the very first brews Gritty's produced at our Portland Brew Pub back in 1988. "We wanted to make a beer that captures what made people fall in love with craft brewing in the first place; a fresh, classic pale ale with plenty of hop character." (more>>)

A true English classic. Copper-hued and well-balanced. We use rare East Kent hop flowers in the brewing of this ale. (more>>)

A dark red-amber brew. Smooth, full-bodied, with a subtle finish. (more>>)

A dry, all-malt stout balanced with Oregon Willamette and Yakima Clusters hops. We use six different grains in the brewing of this dark masterpiece...(more>>)

Halloween Ale is rich, full-bodied E.S.B. that's just a bit sweet and toasty on the palate, with a medium-dry and slightly floral finish. (more>>)

Our Christmas Ale is a robust E.S.B. (Extra Special Bitter.) This brew has a lovely, dark red/amber color and a rich, full-bodied, malty taste with a slightly roasted undertone. (more>>)

Gritty McDuff 's Scottish Style Ale is our interpretation of the robust brews native to Scotland. Generous quantities of Pale malt along with Munich and Caramalts give this ale a deep and complex profile. (more>>)

VSA is an Extra Special golden ale that's light in color but full-bodied, with a snappy hop finish. (more>>)


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