Small Batch Beers

Downeast Sipah

Downeast SIPAH” will go on tap at Gritty’s in Portland sometime at the end of April.
Try this small-batch, hoppy IPA in Portland before it’s gone! Made with Maine grown grain from Blue Ox Malt House in Lisbon, Maine & hops from Aroostook County, this IPA comes in at 4.5% ABV. It is hoppy up-front with a nice malty balance on the end.  We used Centennial and Cascade hops, Maine Pale and Vienna Malts along with Maine grown oats.

Fire Toasted Lager

All Gritty’s locations are serving a Marzen style lager. Fire Toasted Lager features a touch of smoke from Beech Wood smoked malt along with Vienna and Munich malts. It’s brewed with Saaz purposely hazy or cloudy, which can give these brews a smooth, creamy mouthfeel – a departure from the light/dry mouthfeel you often get with West Coast IPA’s and Northern Brewer hops. This Marzen style lager fairly sessional, appreciably malty-sweet and approachable lager that is crisp and drinkable while still being a step up the flavor rung from “blonde ales” or “pale lagers.” About 5.5% ABV. 


Wake & Bake Cold Coffee Porter

  • Wake & Bake Cold Coffee Porter is coming to Gritty’s Auburn after the last of the Scottish Ale kicks. This fan favorite is a classic Porter, cold brewed with coffee. Hopped with Warrior, Cluster, WGV and US Goldings, then finished with Maine roasted coffee. It comes in around 5.8% ABV. Nice drink’n, with a coffee kick… Look for this beer to go on tap later in April.