Small Batch Beers


Do you love Freeport and porter beers? You HAVE to try our FreePorter! On tap for a limited time only, the FreePorter is the beer you need to warm your belly. Pale, Wheat & Crystal malts – and a healthy dose of chocolate malt – give this brew a deliciously dark color, and Northern Brewer, Centennial and Goldings hops keep the balance just right for all you porter lovers out there. Come get a taste while it’s here!  6.5 percent ABV

Chocolate Porter on tap at the Auburn brewpub – a generous amount of chocolate malt adds notes of dark chocolate to this popular Porter. Hopped with Cluster & WGV hops, as well as Goldings leaf, the Chocolate Porter is light but carries plenty of flavor. 5.5% ABV

Irish Red Ale

Irish Red Ale is coming soon to the Portland pub – on NITRO! A balanced, easy-drinking beer with a moderate malt character full of caramel and toasted notes, our Irish Red boasts a deep reddish copper color that comes from imported cara-aroma malt and a small dose of roasted barley. Like our Black Fly Stout, we nitrogenize this this beer & it is ultra-smooth. YUM! 5.5%