Small Batch Beers

Oat Brown Ale

Gritty’s Freeport is pouring Oat Brown Ale. It’s a malty full bodied beer, Rich and toasty, full-bodied brown brewed with pale, crystal and roasted barley, and oats. Then we hopped it with Willamette and Centennial Hops. Coming in at 6.3% 


Fire Toasted Lager

All Gritty’s locations are serving a Marzen style lager. Fire Toasted Lager features a touch of smoke from Beech Wood smoked malt along with Vienna and Munich malts. It’s brewed with Saaz purposely hazy or cloudy, which can give these brews a smooth, creamy mouthfeel – a departure from the light/dry mouthfeel you often get with West Coast IPA’s and Northern Brewer hops. This Marzen style lager fairly sessional, appreciably malty-sweet and approachable lager that is crisp and drinkable while still being a step up the flavor rung from “blonde ales” or “pale lagers.” About 5.5% ABV. 


G'day IPA

  • In Portland we are pouring our G’Day IPA (6.3% ABV, 55 IBU’S) This is a ‘tropical’ IPA featuring Ella & Galaxy hops from Australia & Blue Ox pale malts from Lisbon, Maine. Flavor profile is blood orange, pineapple & melon. On tap in Portland

Auburn 1869 Pale Ale

In honor of Auburn’s 150th Anniversary, Gritty’s brewed this American pale ale called “Auburn 1869.” This unique, small-batch pale ale features generous hoppy notes up-front with a nice malty balance on the end. We locally sourced the malts from the Blue Ox Malt House in Lisbon Falls, Maine and the hops were grown at Aroostook Hops Farm in Aroostook County, Maine. Auburn 1869 Pale Ale comes in at 4.8% ABV. On tap at Gritty’s in Auburn.