Small Batch Beers


New in Freeport – B.O.B. (Big Oat Brown Ale)
(7% ABV)
Grain Bill– English 2-row, oats, crystal, chocolate
Hops– Cascade, WGV, Cluster & Willamette
Yeast– house top-fermenting ale yeast
Tasting notes– dark complexion with notes of molasses and fresh prunes. Finishes with a warm tingle on the tongue from the alcohol.
In late February all three Gritty’s will be pouring our new Winter Lager (4.8 percent abv) stay tuned for the details!

Lovers's Lager

This crisp lager was brewed with pilsner, wheat crystal, and chocolate malts, then hopped with Northern Brewer, Saaz and Wiallamette hops. The perfect amber winter lager available at all three pubs!

Citrus King

Citrus King IPA Gritty McDuffsTHE CITRUS KING HATH RETURNED! Brewed using Maine Pale and Pilsner malts from Blue Ox Malthouse in Lisbon Falls, Maine, This super cloudy New England-style IPA is BACK in Portland for a limited time only! We hopped this beer with Columbus, Mosaic & plenty of Galaxy before fermenting it with Maine-made yeast from Mainiacal Yeast Labs in Pittston, creating that classic NEIPA haze. An easy drinking beer at 6.2% ABV, the Citrus King boasts a formidable citrus flavor with rich tropical notes. Come bow before the almighty Citrus King before you slay your inner dragon with a couple pints!

Chocolate Porter

Chocolate Porter – Decadent, full-bodied, and rich in flavor – just what you need in the winter season! On tap in Auburn and on cask in Portland.