Small Batch Beers

Downeast SIPAH

The “Downeast SIPAH” will be on tap at Gritty’s in Portland sometime during October.  The SIPA is a small-batch, hoppy session IPA with generous hoppy notes up-front with a nice malty balance on the end. Comes in around 5.3% ABV. Look for our newest rotating IPA, “Count Dankula” around Halloween in Portland!


Monster Mash

Monster Mash is so big and scary we only brew it once a year.  In a world where beer has lost its way, in a time when beer is under attack from spices, herbs and pumpkins, one beer bravely stand above the rest.  Gritty’s “Monster Mash.” This double ESB is on tap for a limited time. Ingredients: Marris Otter Barley, Crystal and Chocolate malts (all from the UK); East Kent Goldings, Whitbread Goldings Variety, Fuggles and US Goldings hops.  ABV: 7.3%. Going on tap in Freeport sometime during October.


County Wet Hop Ale

  • We’ll be serving the County Wet Hop Ale in Portland. “Wet hop beers” are an original style developed by North American brewers. What distinguishes a wet hop beer from a regular beer is the use of freshly harvested or ‘wet’ hops in the brewing process. We went to Aroostook Hops in Westfield, ME to pick ripened Cascade cones right off the vine, and then delivered them to our Portland brewers the next day. The use of “fresh, ‘wet’ hops” imparts amazing and unique fruit aromas and flavors to the beer that you just can’t get from using traditional kiln dried hops. Each beer is considered a ‘one-off,’ as there is no way of predicting how the ‘wet’ hops will affect the flavor of each individual brew. The barley in this beer is from Blue Ox Malt House making the County Wet Hop a 100% locally sourced beer!

Halloween Ale 3-Way!

During October it’s a Halloween 3 Way! Get Halloween Ale on cask, as Nitro-Ween or on draft in Portland!
It’s great anyway you take this autumn classic. On cask it’s naturally carbonated, on nitro Halloween Ale is creamy and super smooth and on tap it’s one of the best.  It has a big malty flavor with toasted caramel balanced by ripe pear and faint apple undertones. The hops give it ample bitterness, but the beer finishes a bit sweet. The perfect beer for a crisp autumn day! 6% ABV.