Mug Club

About Mug Club

Mug Club

Have you ever noticed the hundreds of ceramic mugs hanging above our bar? Those mugs belong to Gritty’s Mug Club. Each member pays an annual $75 membership fee and in return they get to join our exclusive Mug Club.


Benefits include:

Each Mug Club Member gets their own ceramic mug

The mugs are individually numbered and we hang it above the bar. Only the Mug Club member gets to use their mug. It’s always here waiting for them.

The mugs hold 21 ounces of our fine ale

If a mug club member uses their mug, they pay the same price for those 21 ozs of beer as a 16 oz pint of beer. So more beer for the buck!

Pay $2 for each mug of ale on Mug Club Nights

Each Gritty’s Pub offers two nights a week that are Mug Club Nights. On these special evenings, Mug Club members only pay $2 for each mug of ale. Such a deal! Check with your bartender to find out when it’s Mug Club night at the location where you join.

Use of a VIP Mug

If you find yourself in a Gritty’s other than the one where you joined the Mug Club, don’t worry, you can still relax and have a beer! Just show us your Mug Club Card and you’ll be served beer in a VIP Mug. You get all the benefits of membership no matter what Gritty’s you’re in.

Earn points for discounts on food, ale and merchandise

Every time you come in to Gritty’s, present your Mug Club Card and you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on food, ale and merchandise.


You also get a membership card (that’s how we tracks the points) and enrolled to get our monthly e-newsletter which keeps you up-to-date on all Gritty’s events.



If joining Gritty’s Mug Club sounds interesting, just ask the bartender for a Mug Club Application on your next visit. Openings in the club are rare, but they do happen. When we have an opening, we’ll contact you.