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Give Yourself the Gift of Great Beer

Get Mug Club benefits at our Freeport, Auburn or Portland ME locations

Take your love of craft beer and Gritty McDuff’s to the next level. Our locations at Portland, Freeport, and Auburn have an amazing display of handcrafted beer steins and mugs adorned with a special number just for you. Joining our mug club provides you with a gateway to good beer, discounts, and most importantly, a deeper connection to the Gritty’s community wherever you go.Β 

When you sign up for our mug club, you receive a 20 oz. beer stein. That mug is stored above our bar at any of the three locations you choose to be used by you and ONLY you every time you visit. After 5 years of consecutive mug club membership, your 20 oz. stein is upgraded to a handcrafted pottery mug that stores anywhere from 22-26 oz. of cold, delicious Gritty’s beer.


Benefits of the Portland Mug Club
Benefits of the Freeport Mug Club
Benefits of the Auburn Mug Club