You'll feel right at home

If you like drinking in a warm and inviting atmosphere, you'll enjoy having a pint at Maine's Original Brew Pub. As soon as you walk in, you'll be greeted by our friendly staff. You'll never be stuck waiting around with no service. Our family-friendly pub is perfect if you're just looking for a place to enjoy some delicious local food.

What keeps folks coming back?

Our goal is to give all of our customers a fun and relaxing experience. We keep our regulars around by:

  • Hosting music and trivia nights
  • Expertly crafting our ales
  • Serving up delicious food

Interested in becoming a member of our Mug Club? Find out more about signing up and enjoying exclusive members-only perks. Visit our Mug Club page now.

Great beer. Great atmosphere. Great staff. Great food.

Scott K. #465

The $2 beer days is a great budgeting perk. There are always familiar faces which is a comfort perk. And the live music, consistent food, and friendly staff make it a place I always want to go.

Tyla D. #338

My family likes the atmosphere, food, and staff! I love the beer too

Kari #443

It's the OG brewery in LA. It's cornerstone location has now become an anchor of downtown Auburn.

#328, Auburn

We eat and drink at Grittys twice a week year round. At 73 we look forward to our conversations with our regular servers. Also, it is always entertaining to catch up with Chip.

Jake M. #62

I had been coming to Gritty's way before I was a mug member. I've always liked their beer, but there was just something about the pub itself; the people, the staff, and, of course the beer. Those long tables would just fill up, and soon you would be drinking and chatting with new friends. It truly has been a unique experience.

Jonas A. L. #421

I love the staff, the casual atmosphere, and the delicious food and drink!

Mitchell S. #50

There is always a friendly face waiting for me at Gritty's, and most of the servers have my mug number memorized!

John G. #167

Great location in the Old Port and usually great company at the pub.

Steve #260