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Gritty's Portland Brew Pub is the perfect place to experience the ambiance of Portland's Old Port.

Since 1988, Gritty's missions have been to craft the best beers possible, serve the very best pub food, and to have way too much fun doing both. For more than 30 years, Gritty's has succeeded in all three (especially the third...just sayin').

From its humble beginnings as a small brewpub in Portland's Old Port, Gritty's has been brewing authentic English ales and has grown to become the brewery of choice for thousands of Mainers and visitors alike. As Maine's first brewpub since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933 and the state's second overall brewery, Gritty's is proud to be one of the earliest pioneers of the brewing renaissance in Maine, with owners Ed Stebbins and Richard Pfeffer helping to carve the path to where we are now. With three locations - in the heart of Portland's Old Port, on Route 1 in the heart of Freeport, and in the spirited downtown of Auburn on the banks of the Androscoggin River - Gritty's has become a true Maine institution, garnering awards such as Best Bar, Best Brewpub & Best Beer.
"There are very few 30-year-old brewpubs in America; I'm pretty sure you could count them on one hand," says Stebbins. "I know that does not fit into the 'newest is best' climate that rules Maine's beer business these days, but, let's be honest, how much time does a new brewery get to be 'new' these days? Gritty's will always be the first."

Our Fore Street location is in the heart of the historic district. Pull up a chair at our copper-topped bar. Strike up a conversation at our beer hall style tables. Take in the street life on the cobblestones of Wharf Street from our patio. Visit us and see where the legend began.


Portland Brew Pub
396 Fore Street
Portland, Maine 04101